Activities 15th Dec 2014 to 15th April 2015

  • Studied Credit Link Capital Subsidy Scheme. It was observed that the scheme is for SSI. An industry graduating from Small Scale to Medium Scale can also avail benefits under this scheme. Under the scheme subsidy at 15% is given for technology Upgradation Read more
  • Attended Make in India National Level Workshop on 29th December, 2014 at Vigyan Bhawan. PMMAI presented their views in form of presentation and verbally Read more
  • Initiated talks with the concerned authority regarding inclusion of Plastics Processing Machinery in Focus Product Scheme of Foreign Trade Policy
  • Submitted Budget proposal ‘Common Submission’ Read more
  • Initiated Vision & Mission Plan talks. Target to complete by year (2015) end
  • Attended RCEP industrial consultations on 8th January, 2015, which was held for the purpose of taking industry views on ‘Rules of Origin’. Gave views verbally and in written. It was reiterated that industry is against surrendering their tariff lines for the purpose of duty concessions. To read Submissions made in this regard click here
  • Submitted our views to budget officers in written, and followed up, for the purpose of inverted duty structure in Plastics Processing Machinery sector. To read submissions made in this regard Click Here
  • Gujarat Industrial Policy 2015 scheme
  • Submitted our views in written with respect to India- Australia CECA and India- Canada CEPA. To read Submissions made in this regard click here
  • Union Budget 2015- 16
  • Submitted feedback as regards very limited relief given to Plastics Processing Machinery sector and no relief given with respect to inverted duty structure issue in Union Budget 2015- 16. Feedback was given to DHI, FICCI, CII and DRPSC (Department Related Parliament Standing Committee). To read Submissions made in this regard click here
  • Submitted further inputs with regard to inclusion of Plastics Processing Machineries under Focus Product Scheme or any new scheme introduced in place of that, in New Foreign Trade Policy. To read Submissions made in this regard click here
  • Initiated talks for the purpose of NTMs/ NTBs. Ref. 11th IMC meeting on NTMs held on 27th March, 2015. PMMAI looking at BIS for the industry
  • New Foreign Trade Policy was announced on 1st April 2015. All Plastics Processing Machineries were included under MEIS (Merchandise Exports from India Scheme) at 2% incentive. Earlier (in previous policy) only ‘Extrusion Machines’ were included under Focus Product Scheme at 2% incentive
  • Attended second round of RCEP industrial consultations held on 9th April 2015. Re- submitted views in the matter along with inputs as regards Rules of Origin. Read the Summary inputs given by PMMAI of first and second round
  • Requested Tariff Commission to conduct a study in the matter of high import duties on parts and components imported by the industry (and not available or sufficiently available domestically), to assess the adverse effect on Indian Industry cost competitiveness, and recommend reduction in import duties on those parts and components so that industry becomes more competitive Submissions made in this regard click here

Plastics Machinery Manufacturers Association of India ( PMMAI )

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