Introduction to PMMAI by MR. N. K. BALGI

Plastics Machinery Manufacturers Association of India (PMMAI) is a newly formed body with the objective to promote the advancement and growth of plastics machinery manufacturing industry in India and to promote common interests of constituents of plastics machinery manufacturing industry comprising of primary processing machinery, post forming processing machinery and auxiliary equipment used in pre and post forming operations etc., in the fields of economy, technology and science through cooperation and coordination at national and international level and train people for the industry with required skills.

15 Plastics Machinery Manufacturers of India came together in Sept 2011 to form PMMAI. The Association was officially registered u/s 25 of Company Act on 27th July 2012. While the process of association formation was in progress, we received an invitation from Department of Heavy Industries (DHI) with the help of our friends at Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (IMTMA) to join “Working Group of Capital Goods and Engineering Sector” and participate in preparation of report on our sector growth potentials and policy support needs during 12th Five Year P

In our representations to government we stressed on unique aspects of our industry, viz:

  • Plastics Machinery sector has ability to produce machinery to advanced technologies of Global standards, having technology acquired through JV or technology License, as well as, technology developed by in-house R&D. Domestic machinery meets nearly 95% technology needs of processing industry
  • Has good potential to grow to meet domestic demand in volumes and gain respectable share in export markets based on image for technology and performance
  • Has high potential to generate employment for people across the various strata of society from operatives to people of caliber for Research and Development
  • Plastics Machinery sector is approximately Rs. 3,675 crores in 2011-12 and expected to Grow at 22% to reach Rs. 28,200 crores in 2020-21

PMMAI has earned recognition of Department of Heavy Industries (DHI) and Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals (DCPC) as a body representing plastics machinery manufacturing sector. Thus we have been in position to participate in Government Programmes initiated for manufacturing sector growth, as well as, seek review in policy matters which are not congenial to plastics machinery sector growth. Besides, our coming together and forming an association is helping us in free exchange of knowledge for mutual benefits.

Stepping ahead in this direction, PMMAI is initiating to organize series of seminars at different centers to share knowledge gained by members, as well as, learn from experts in industry so as to help mutual progress and growth. Today our membership has grown to 65 members. We invite you to join PMMAI and participate in our efforts to raise our industry sector to global recognition.

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