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WINDSOR unveils many new technologies at PLASTINDIA 2015

In its journey of more than 50 years, WINDSOR had unveiled many new machine technologies in India, thereby giving its customers a new horizon to maximize theirprofits. In continuation of the same, Windsor participated in the 9th Plastindia exhibition held in February, 2015 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat with a clear indication of showcasing “Maximum Technology in Minimum Space possible”. Focus on Higher Productivity with Energy Efficiencywas the key parameter being kept in mind while demonstrating plastic processing machines.

The event was a great success and achievement as many a customers, consultants and technocrats not only witnessed live demonstration of machines but also highly appreciated WINDSOR as a TECHNOLOGY PARTNER to arrive at a “WIN- WIN” situation in the near future. “Two Platen machine”, “All Electric machine”, “Integrated PET Preform system” and “Next-Gen Toggle machines” proved to be the star attraction of the show.

Windsor has recently acquired ITALTECH, an Italian machine manufacturer to deliver World Class European technology at an affordable cost in India. KL 550 ton machine was launched based on true Two Platen technology producing 20 LTR Paint Pails with high-tech “In Mold Labelling (IML)” system.

In Mold Labelling - IML

The objective was to showcasetechnology and automation possibility which will play an important role in coming days to resolve labor issues and to offer high quality products all around the globe. KL series Two-Platen machines having patents in its favor,offer many value added features like lubrication free short and suspended tie bars, 15-20% smaller footprint, patented jaw clamping system, larger mold weight carrying capacity, easy adjustment of parallelism due to free moving platen, advanced control system etc. KL series machines are available from 350 to 8000 ton capacity to caterthe demands of Automotive, Rigid Packaging, Housewares, Industrial and White Goods industry.

Today, all electric machines are not only accepted in high precision and clean room moulding alone, but are well accepted for general moulding, Automotive and Thin Wall Packaging segments for the excellent benefits provided in terms of better moulding consistency, reduced rejections, high productivity, low energy consumption and environment friendly approach. Windsor has launched “WINELEC” series All Electric injection moulding machine producing a 4 cavity, 400ml (2+2 cavity stack mould) thin wall containers at 5.0 sec.


WINELEC series all electric machine is completely designed and manufactured in India with lot of value added features like clamp movement on frictionless linear guides, servo motor driven nozzle contact force arrangement, air cooled servo motors and latest generation control system etc. in addition to regular electric machine advantages like close control of all movements, better precision, high dynamics of movements, higher productivity at reduced cost of production (50 to 80% energy saving).

WINELEC series machines will be available in clamp force range of 50 to 350 ton with a choice of various injection units to be selected as per application requirement.

WINPET 32L machine was launched to showcase first Indian made “Totally Integrated PET Preform system”.The clear objective was to facilitate customers by providing turnkey project and with single point process setting of molding machine, mold and auxiliaries in PET Preform production which is always very critical and time consuming activity.

Totally Integrated Pet Preform System

All the necessary information about the auxiliaries as well as mould hot runner controller is available at central machine control. Various settings for the auxiliaries like dehumidifier, chiller, conveyor and the MSP are done at machine control. Hot runner temperature control is done through machine control. The alarm mechanism and the action to be taken in case of failure of other equipment are taken care by machine. This integrated system approach provide hassles free project operation. Also, project management becomes very easy.

WINPET series is available from 16 to 72 cavity preforms of various sizes. The series is based on high performance toggle design having luminary features of enhanced machine specifications to cater higher cavitation molds, patented Screw for high quality Preform, enhanced mold life, higher energy efficiency etc.

EXCEL 180 machine was demonstrated with 50 mm Elbow running at Devu stall producing a cam operated (mould without core pullers) 4 cavity 50mm Elbow fitting mould. Due to wide usage of hot runner systems, the mold sizes and mold weights become larger. The requirement of bigger clamp sizes due to need of larger platen area is now addressed with the launch of “EXCEL Series”.

Excel series is available from 75 to 350 ton.

EXCEL Series

EXCEL series was launched a year ago. The other variants like 100 ton, 130 ton, 180ton and 280 ton are launched during PlastIndia. The machine are quick success in market due to the wide platens, large clamp strokes, large mold weight carrying capacity, enhanced mold life, higher injection specifications, higher productivity and energy efficiency etc.

On the Extrusion front, a World Class “ 7 Layer Blown Film Line”, “High Speed In-Line-Flat Dripper Insertion Line”, “ High Output 5-Layer Blown film line” and “High productive PE extruders “ were also launched.

The success of Plastindia 2015 has instilled a lot of confidence and will enable WINDSOR to continue its journey towards achieving Excellence and proving WINDSOR philosophy of “Our Machines, Your Progress,OneHappy World”.

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